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Pelican Samsu Kaoliang 唐山特制高粱米酒 700ml

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Pelican Samsu Kaoliang 唐山特制高粱米酒 700ml

Pelican selects fine quality ingredients and through an unceasingly refined and improved technology to produce premium quality rice wine

Kaoliang , Gaoliang or Sorghum is a strong distilled liquor of Chinese origin made from fermented sorghum. It is a type of light-aroma Baijiu.

The authentic taste that you definitely need to accent the taste of your favorite dishes

适合厨用:举凡鱼菜蒸炒烹饪做食,烧腊肉干,腌制佐料等,采用此高粱酒,增添美味,纯郁芳香,堪称一绝! 金桥商标,品质保证!

ABV: 43%

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