Rice Wine for making Pineapple Wine

Rice Wine for making Pineapple Wine
Came across a DIY recipe for making pineapple wine using rice wine.. Found it quite interesting and share it here..
Pineapple wine helps to relieve body heat and mind refreshing. It can aid in digestion and relieves diarrhea.

菠萝 1个 1 x Pineapple
米酒 Rice Wine 960ml
冰糖 Rock Sugar 250g
1. Prepare the raw materials and peel the pineapple, but do not dip it in salt water or raw water.
2. Put some rock sugar & fresh-cut pineapple in the container. Add in a bit more rock sugar after that.
3. Pour in the rice wine. It is better to choose one with ABV 35% and above to prevent fruits spoilage.

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